haha yes#1616 discord bot

He does funi funi stuff

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About me

This bot is made using discord.js & Discord-Akairo
Help command from hoshi
Rantionary for their dictionnary.
Thanks to Tina the Cyclops girl#0064 (336492042299637771) for inspiring me for making this bot!

You can find me on GitLab or on Github.

haha yes#1616 features

haha help to see the help command.

  • * A unique YTP generator command!
  • * Text-to-speech voice of your choice! (including dectalk, which can sing and more!)
  • * Download videos from lots of websites.
  • * "Crapify" videos. (AKA heavily compress them)
  • * 2 mini-games. (WIP)
  • * Auto responses with the ability to make your own! (disabled by default)
  • * Dictionary usable with multiple commands to get random words.
  • * Open Source!
  • * Configurable starboard/shameboard. (with attachments and jump to message feature)
  • * Yandex Translation with language auto-detect!
  • * Custom join/leave messages. (disabled by default)
  • * Get a random post from a subreddit or 4chan board of your choice.
  • * Get a random image from imgur.
  • * Tweet using the bot's twitter account!

Provided to you by Supositware#1616, made with love ❤️.

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